Friday, July 1, 2011

We all know du command to get the size of a directory. But the problem is when you use "du <directory name>" it will give you the list of all subdirectory including the directory you want with size.

Bt what if i only want the size of directory which i have passed as an argument and not all the subdirectory?

In that senario we can use:

du -sh <directory name>                              

Example 1:

du -h /home/mysql/admin/                             
   1K   /home/mysql/admin/scripts/neel               
   8K   /home/mysql/admin/scripts                    
   1K   /home/mysql/admin/bin-logs/test_instance_4   
   1K   /home/mysql/admin/bin-logs/test_instance_3   
   1K   /home/mysql/admin/bin-logs/orphan            
   1K   /home/mysql/admin/bin-logs/test_instance_1   
   1K   /home/mysql/admin/bin-logs/test_instance_2   
   9K   /home/mysql/admin/bin-logs                   
  20K   /home/mysql/admin                            

In the above example i have have passed "/home/mysql/admin/" as an argument of du and it results all subdirectory with size. (Please note -h switch converts the size into human redable and understandable format i.e KB).

Example 2:

 du -sh /home/mysql/admin/
  20K   /home/mysql/admin

In this example i have used switch "s" ( to show the size of current directory and not the subdirectory) along with "h" (human redable format) and it gave me the size of "/home/mysql/admin"
directory only rather than all subdirectories also.

I hope this will help someone. :)
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